Month: March 2014

KHD Buzz – Another Blog Network Takedown, Cutts on Discontinued Products and SEO & More

Google Takes Down MyBlogGuest Guest Blogging Site Ever since Matt Cutts warned about the dangers of guest blogging for links many people knew penalties would be coming soon and they have indeed begun as a guest blogging network with more than 73,000 users has been taken down and everyone involved is getting a nasty slap. Read…

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KHD Buzz – More Yelp Complaints, Google Penalties, Amazon Price Hikes and More

Getty Offers Bloggers Free Use of Their Photographs But is There a Catch?  For years Getty Images has notoriously pursued those using their images without paying the appropriate fees, especially bloggers. In a rather surprising turnaround they are now offering millions of the same photos free to use. But is there a catch in the seemingly…

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New at KHD – Owl iPad Cushion

iPads and similar tablets are wonderful gadgets and their portability is one of their many selling points. Using them on the go however is not always so much fun and there are times that many a tablet user has wished that their little device was a bit more like a laptop to make it easier…

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