Month: April 2015

KHD Buzz – Etsy’s IPO, Googles New Search Update for Apps, Yahoo! and Bing Stay Together and More

Etsy Goes Public  The world’s biggest online arts and crafts retail platform has just gone public, and so far things are going rather well, with shares opening at  an impressive $32 a piece. So what has Etsy been doing right recently that put it in such good shape? Read More Google Expands Ranking Signals for Apps …

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KHD Buzz – Amazon Sues Fake Reviewer, DOJ Launches eCommerce Antitrust Case, The End of G+ and More

Amazon Files Lawsuit Against ‘Fake Review’ Company  Following a precedent set by Yelp!, Amazon begun fighting back against fake reviews by suing a company that they claim sells them directly. Read More First Ever Antitrust eCommerce Prosecution Launched  In what is a first for the US Department of Justice an antitrust prosecution has been launched…

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