Month: January 2016

KHD Buzz – Eye-Opening Smartphone Shopping Figures, Walmart Closures, Etsy Changes and More

Online Retail Smartphone Purchases Doubled Over the 2015 Holiday Season¬† Now that all of the post holidays calculations have been performed some interesting stats are coming out of the 2015 holiday shopping analytics. And one of the big takeaways is just how fast smartphone based purchases are beginning to dominate the online retail space> Read…

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KHD Buzz – Offline Retail Struggles, Keeping Up with Mobile, Snapchat Ad Changes and More

Mobile Holiday Sales Reach $13 Billion in 2015, How Can Businesses Keep Up in 2016?¬† Mobile shopping was even more significant in terms of overall sales and conversions this past holiday season than most had predicted. So what moves should retailers be making now to keep up with the demands of the mobile shopper? Read…

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KHD Buzz – 2016 Retail Payment Trends, Voice Search and SEO, the End of 140 Character Tweets and More

Payment Trends That Will Define 2016   Both on and offline, the way consumers pay for things is changing rapidly. And some new payment trends set to really take off in 2016 may change the retail landscape forever. Read More¬† Free Ecommerce Icon Sets¬† Revamping your ecommerce website for the New Year? then take a…

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