Month: March 2016

KHD Buzz – How to Outsmart Google Rankbrain, Twitter Changes (again) Apple and the FBI and More

Google’s Rankbrain and SEO RankBrain, according to Google, when it’s in use, will be “the third-most important signal contributing to the result of a search query.” It’s purpose is to, supposedly, help the Googlebots find the highest quality content to display to users. But the question most webmasters have of course is how can they…

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KHD Buzz – Advertisers Souring on Twitter, New PayPal Buttons, Retail Fails and More

Survey Predicts Decreased Advertiser Spend on Twitter in 2016  As if the beleaguered Twitter needed any more headaches a new survey conducted  by RBC Capital Markets found that almost a quarter of current Twitter advertisers plan to decrease their spending on the platform in 2016. Read More Retail Lessons Learned: Balenciaga’s Thailand Fashion Fail  Retailers know…

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KHD Buzz – Is Retail Coming to Facebook Messenger? Bricks and Mortar Retail Woes Continue, Google Penguin Again and More

Google Trialling Hands Free Payment System As the way people pay for things continues to change, and services like PayPal, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and more begin to edge the old fashioned dollar bill out of useful existence it seems Google is testing a hands-free payment system that would allow users to provide two very…

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