Home Decor Ideas: Creating a Coastal Theme for Any Room in Your Home

July 24, 2012 0 By Koehler Home Decor

Even if you live in the most landlocked of areas and only see the sea every year on vacation the idea of adding a little coastal decor flair to your home might be an appealing one. The look is light and fresh and on a cold winter’s day a little reminder of summer can be all you need to cheer you up. Here are just a few ideas for bringing a little of that seaside feeling into your home:

Walls and Floors

A seaside color scheme is one that is light and airy and never too overpowering. Whites and light creams are great colors for the wall but a light green or a pale blue can be even more effective in helping to add a beachy feel to a room, even if they are only used as accents.

Decorating the walls with just the right amount of coastal themed accessories can be any easy way to play up the coastal theme. You can go for a sophisticated look that is great for a living room or bedroom by adding simple coastal themed curio shelves and a seafaring wall clock or you can play up the fun aspects of the seaside with whimsical decor that adds a more lighthearted and playful touch of the sea – a great look for a family bathroom.

Ideally, in a coastal themed room the floors would be hardwood, a nod to ship decks and boardwalks. If you already have hardwood floors in the space you are redecorating then you are off to a good start and you can add a little extra warming visual interest with a few scatter rugs in neutral colors.

The Furniture

Furniture in a coastal themed room should be light, simple and unobtrusive. White wood works very well, especially in a coastal themed bathroom. If on the other hand you want to add a coastal theme to a dining room you can try replacing a heavy table and chairs with lighter wicker options with blue and white striped cushions and a light white table (you can even repaint the table you own) are easy ways to add a sense of the seaside that you can enjoy all year round

Don’t Go Overboard

The danger with coastal decorating is that the look can become rather cutesy and overwhelming if you go overboard (pardon the pun) with the accessories. Scatter pieces around the room but don’t fill the room. If you are going to use nautical or coastal themed fabrics keep the patterns subtle and simpler rather than too bright and bold. The vibe in a coastal themed space should be the same one that you get at the beach or when walking along the seashore – calm, tranquil and relaxing and subtle really is usually the best way to achieve that.

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