Coastal Themed Crafts You Can Complete in a Day

July 26, 2012 Off By Koehler Home Decor

A coastal theme can add a little relaxation and sophistication to any room in almost any home. One of the keys to creating a theme like this successfully is the clever use of just the right amount of accessories. You can buy a lot of really wonderful ones but if you are feeling crafty you can also create some wonderful ones of your own using just a few basic supplies.

At the heart of all of these simple projects are seashells. If you don’t have any that you have left over from your last beach vacation you can easily find a great selection at your local craft store, usually offered at very reasonable prices.

A Seashell Wreath

If you put up a wreath at Christmas to celebrate the season why not also use a wreath to celebrate the summer?

To create a wonderful seashell wreath you will need:

A plain wreath form – raffia or wicker is best as you can then leave areas exposed for a truly coastal, sea swept look.


A hot glue gun

Ribbon or rope (optional)

Creating a seashell wreath is very easy. Begin by choosing the shells you want to use, different sizes tend to work best. Place the shells onto the wreath form in the approximate positions you want them in – experimenting for a while to get just the right look – and then once you have the positioning just right begin gluing each one down. For extra added interest you can also lengths of ribbon or rope.

If you have children this craft project is a great way not only create a coastal themed accent for your home but make a precious memento as well (and its just as great an idea for pet parents too!)

What You’ll Need:



Plaster of Paris

Rough string

Craft glue

After having your “model” add their footprints¬†to the sand – slightly damp play sand in a bucket works fine if you don’t happen to have a beach nearby – mix the Plaster of Paris to a nice, creamy texture. Carefully pour the mixture into the footprint and then leave it to set for about 30 minutes.

Next carefully dig the hardening footprints out of the sand but do not brush away all of the sand, its part of the charm of the craft. Turn the footprints sand side up and leave them to harden Рpreferably in the sun someplace Рfor a few more hours. Once the footprints are nice and hard affix a length of rough string to the non sandy side. Keep the string in one piece so that you can hang the set of footprints side by side.

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