New at KHD – Cocktail Scented Candles

August 23, 2017 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Think about your favorite ‘adult beverage’ choices; fine wines, gin, bourbon, delicious cocktail choices like mimosas and martinis. All of them taste wonderful but they also smell rather good as well. And our new collection of rather unique and whimsical Cocktail Scented Candles showcases these scents perfectly.

From wine scented candles nestled in repurposed half wine bottles and imparting wafts of delicate fruits and flowers like blueberries, grape, raspberries and more to headier choices like the Honey Bourbon Scented Candle or the fresh scent of the Mojito Scented Candle there are boozy candle choices to suit any taste.

Each of these creative candles are crafted from a soy derived wax and contained in durable glass containers. Any one of them will make for a marvelous dining table centerpiece, a great accent for any home bar and they will certainly make unusual but highly appreciated gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

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