KHD Buzz – Trump vs. Amazon, More Chatbots are Coming, Best Times to Post on Social Media and More

Trump vs. Amazon ..Again

Last week, among other things, Donald Trump went after Jeff Bezos and Amazon again, stating that in his opinion the retail giant is ‘doing great damage to retailers and jobs’. But do business analysts really think he’s right? Read More

Cognitive Chatbots and the Future of Online Retail 

Elon Musk may have warned against them but cognitive chatbots aren’t going anywhere right now, especially in the online retail space. Read More

Retail Sees Big Rise in July But It’s Not Good News for Everyone 

According to new figures, retail sales in July 2017 were particularly good, but the shopping spike was not good news for everyone. Read More

Infographic: The Definitive Report About the Best Times to Post on Social Media 

It’s a dilemma that anyone involved in social media marketing faces all the time; what are the best times to post on social media for maximum ROI and exposure? This infographic compiles data from 20 different studies in an attempt to figure it out once and for all.


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