Top Tips for Creating a Great Customer Testimonial Page

Top Tips for Creating a Great Customer Testimonial Page

August 25, 2017 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Every service business needs a customer testimonial page on their website – not just on their social media pages – and this is especially true for any retail business, however large or small.

There are very strong stats to back all of this up. According to a BrightLocal survey, 90 percent of consumers read up to 10 reviews before they feel that they can trust a business and so this is a page that many of them head to get that ‘social proof’ that researchers say is so important to the modern shopping experience. Customer testimonials are also great brand builders and highlight your business’ expertise.


To create a compelling – and brand enhancing – customers testimonials page – you do need to follow some basic best practices. Here are some of the most important:

Make it Easy for Customers to Submit a Testimonial – People are busy, and while some of your customers may actually be happy to leave you a glowing review if you make it too hard for them to do so it becomes a time suck they can’t afford and they simply won’t bother. A name, a quick paragraph and a little contact information is really all you should ask for. Better yet, make use of one of the many plugins and tools that allow people to sign in with their social media accounts will make it even easier.

Create a Great Layout – Testimonials should be displayed in a way that is both easy for your website visitors to read and visually attractive. If your website is powered by WordPress, Wix or SquareSpace you’ll find that all three offer some great testimonial templates that you can customize with ease.

Encourage Customers to Tell a Longer Story – Although we said to make things as simple as possible you can, and should, encourage customers to leave more in depth testimonials. An easy way to do this is encourage them to share images of your products in ‘action’, something that can be especially effective for those who offer clothing, decor, cosmetics or other items that customers can use in a creative manner.

Don’t Just Stick to a Single Page – Having a dedicated customer testimonials page is important as some shoppers will specifically be looking for one, but don’t limit yourself to just displaying them there. Use a handful of them across your site where you want to drive conversions – including the home page

Display Social Kudos Too – Do you have glowing testimonials posted to your social media rather than your website? If so, don’t just leave them there, add them to your site too. Again, there are a number of tools to help you do this. Need some help? This great guide from Grasshopper will be a big help.

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