Wholesale Product Spotlight – Extended Kitchen Table Trolley

Wholesale Product Spotlight – Extended Kitchen Table Trolley

August 30, 2017 0 By Koehler Home Decor

When you are busy in the kitchen all too often it seems like you just don’t have enough room to get things done. Whether you are prepping for an end of summer BBQ, preparing that big holiday feast or simply trying to get a family dinner on the table when everyone has returned home from a long day hungry, for most of us having extra counter space, or extra storage, or both, would certainly be a big help.

You can of course commission a kitchen remodel, but they are expensive and chances are you don’t really need to go that far at all, especially not when there is a much easier alternative solution to this occasional problem; our Extended Kitchen Table Trolley.

The Extended Kitchen Table Trolley is an all in wonder that aids both style and function to any kitchen with ease, no contractors required. It features three handy wire baskets for additional storage, a pullout drawer that’s perfect for extra utensil storage and, the real magic happens when the bamboo tabletop is extended to create a spacious extra worktop whenever you need it.

This handy piece of kitchen furniture is crafted from the finest bamboo, MDF wood and metal and is designed to be easy to move – thanks to its easy glide casters – and easy to store when not in use as it can be folded to a third of its fully extended size. It could even be used as a serving trolley if needed, a great help if you need to serve up your culinary creations outside or in your formal dining room and don’t want to be running back and forth for half of the meal!

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