KHD Buzz – Deadly Retail Sins, Amazon Instant Pickup, AR Comes to QVC and More

August 28, 2017 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Credit Suisse on the “Seven Deadly Sins of Retailing”

There is no doubt that while some retailers are enjoying a great year so far there are others who are truly struggling and some who have lost the ‘battle’ to stay in business altogether in 2017.  Now, having analyzed a slew of earnings reports for a period of several months Credit Suisse published a list of ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ that the most troubled retailers seem to be committing and that others should be avoiding. Read More

Time Magazine: Why Trump Hates Amazon 

Donald Trump has been taking aim at Amazon a lot again recently, and for some his apparent loathing of the ecommerce giant is a little hard to understand. Time Magazine Money expert Brad Tuttle believes he has the beef figured out though, as he explained in a recent op-ed. Read More

QVC Tests Out AR Augmented Mobile Shopping Experiences 

Many are predicting that AR – Augmented Reality – will be a big player in the future of online retail and online retail marketing. QVC recently decided to try the concept out, offering shoppers a way to virtually try out several makeup lines from their mobile phone. Read More.

Amazon Debuts ‘Instant’ Pick Up at UCLA, Amherst and More  

Amazon Prime members want their goods fast and Amazon has introduced a number of improvements over the last year to speed things up. Same Day Delivery is now available to many Prime members who live in larger urban centers and locker pick up can be even faster. Now however Amazon is testing out ‘Instant Pickup’ – a service that can fulfill some orders in two minutes – on a very busy group of shoppers; college students returning for the new semester. Read More.

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