3 Offline Guerilla Marketing Tactics for the 2017 Holiday Shopping Season

3 Offline Guerilla Marketing Tactics for the 2017 Holiday Shopping Season

September 8, 2017 Off By Koehler Home Decor

The upcoming holiday shopping season will see retail businesses of all shapes and sizes searching for new marketing ideas to boost their sales. Many of those will include social media marketing, email marketing, an increase in content marketing in general and even maybe a little PPC advertising to boot.

While all of these are certainly avenues to be considered and more than likely make use of the power of offline marketing tactics should not be overlooked, even if your business operates primarily online. There will be a lot of people out preparing for the holidays and a little guerilla marketing in the real world can provide a relatively inexpensive boost for almost any retail business.

Here are just a few ideas for you to consider as the 2017 holiday shopping season – and we’re including Halloween in that too – gets set to kick into high gear.

Open a Pop Up Store

Although the concept of a pop up store has become very trendy recently it’s hardly a new idea and the run up to the holidays has traditionally been a time for pop stores to start appearing all over the place, even if they might have been known as stalls or stands in the past.

The venue for our pop up store is important but you can think outside the box a little, especially if you are working on a limited budget. You can set up your pop-up shop in an office, on a street corner, at a fair, or even, with a little negotiation, inside another store.

If you don’t normally operate a physical retail store you may be concerned about just how you are going to accept payments, especially as fewer and fewer consumers carry any large amounts of cash. The good news is that several payment processors, including PayPal and Square, offer mobile card readers free of charge and they simple to use, as they are little pieces of plug and play hardware that fit almost any phone and operate via a simple app.

Freebies and Samples

Tis the season for buying gifts, but people are also on the look out for freebies and samples as they shop, so now is a great time to offer some. It is often a lot easier to sell to people once they get something and don’t forget it, the products you use can usually be written off as a marketing expense as a marketing expense.

What you choose to give away really is up to you, but make sure your freebies incorporate enough information for consumers to easily find you online later. And they don’t even have to be confined to product samples. For example, stickers are great brand builders and if you make use of a trendy, slightly more innovative company like Sticker You the stickers are often cool enough to become an in demand item themselves.

Take Advantage of Geofencing

Geo-fencing is a new marketing technology that uses a smartphone’s GPS to offer exclusive content or experiences to consumers in a target location.

Snapchat’s On-Demand Custom Geofilters is a good example, and has opened up a new form of location-based marketing on the platform. The cost to upload your own is also relatively low—under $10 in some cases. Instagram has – surprise! – taken a similar approach with the ability to submit Stories under Hashtags and Locations that anyone can check in on. These location tags can get very specific, and are worth exploring if you’re promoting a local business or event.

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