KHD Buzz – The Power of Touchscreen Shopping, Holiday Hiring Surprise, Millennials’ Influence on Retail and More

Toys ‘R’ Us Falls in the Face of Amazon, Who’s Next? 

In the wake of Toys ‘R’ Us’ bankruptcy filing last week many pundits are pointing to the rise of Amazon as the biggest reason for the company’s demise, but was that really the reason, and who might be the next big casualty in the ‘war’ between brick and mortar and online retail? Read More

Study: Touchscreens Encourage Impulse Buys 

Every retailer knows by now that the number of purchases made via mobile devices is increasing on a daily basis. But according to a study conducted by the University of British Columbia it may be that the touchscreen aspect of these devices has more to do with this increase than was ever realized before. Read More.

Bricks and Mortar Retailers Ramp Up Holiday Hiring to Compete with Online Stores 

According to a number of reports holiday hiring at brick and mortar stores will not be down this year, as some had predicted. Instead it actually seems to be increasing, as offering a better customer service experience seems to be the strategy for many to beat their online competition. Read More 


Infographic: How Millennials are Changing the Face of Retail 

There is no doubt that millennials think – and shop – differently to their older demographic peers. But just how are their habits and preferences changing retail? This infographic offers a deeper dive.

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