3 Important Ways Google Scores Your Content You May be Overlooking

3 Important Ways Google Scores Your Content You May be Overlooking

October 13, 2017 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Although many people spend a great deal of time – and money – trying to figure it out, the simple fact is that, in almost two decades now, no one really knows just how Google ‘scores’ a website’s content to determine where it should be placed in their search engine rankings. Especially as even Google admits that their criteria does tend to change, at least a little, on a regular basis.

However, there are certain onsite factors that experts have come to agree are always somewhere near the top of Google’s site measurement metrics. Notice we say onsite. Offsite SEO best practices do indeed seem to change almost all the time, but these factors are never likely to cease to be important, which is why they deserve a closer look.

Actions on the Page

In the mind of Google’s scoring bots the term ‘actions on the page’ refers to almost any action the user takes on your page, but most important are usually clicks and conversions. It’s for that reason that focusing on the closing call to action at the end of any piece of content published is perhaps the most important single thing you can do to onsite to improve your content score every time.

It’s actually really simply common sense to guide readers into taking some action at the end of your article, but many do not. The best practice? A single, clear call to action at the conclusion of every piece.

Bounce Rate

If you imagine for a second you were in charge of guiding a Google Bot trying to determine the value of a piece of content you’d probably want it to determine just which similar results were of most use to the search engine’s users. And that is exactly what they do. We have all had the experience of running a basic Google search and clicking on the first, then the second, then the third result and finding that none of them were what we were looking for and you click away from them all, one by one, and head back to Google to try again.

How often that happens to a page is called the “bounce rate,” and it’s been an important statistic Google has openly tracked since the first release of Google Analytics. Most marketers misunderstand what bounce rate really is: It’s the percentage of visitors who view only that one page on your site. The most important thing for content creators, then, is to be sure you’re not just engaging your readers, but giving them somewhere else to go on your site.


This has long been the hardest part of onsite SEO to get right, especially as Google’s penalties for what they consider to be bad links seem to grow harsher every year, which means many people have actually become rather wary of even trying to get any links back to their content at all.

However, good links are still considered to be ‘Google Gold’ and they only way to earn them is by publishing great content that is worthy of being linked to. Any links that are bought, sold or even ‘traded’ are next to worthless and may often end up harming your site’s reputation. And remember, social media links DO count, so your efforts in that space are important there too.

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