New at KHD – Sumptuous Seasonal Pillar Candles

New at KHD – Sumptuous Seasonal Pillar Candles

October 18, 2017 0 By Koehler Home Decor

Once the nights get darker and colder, and the days get shorter and breezier, for most of us there really is no place like home. A home filled with warmth and cozy blankets, a relaxing refuge from the chilly world outside. And to help enhance that sense of comfort we’re introducing a new range of pillar candles, designed to both add the soft light any cold winter night calls for and some sumptuous seasonal scents.

Each of the generously sized candles is crafted from long, clean burning paraffin wax and boasts a tin and lead free wick. Beautifully colored and textured even when not lit each of them adds visual interest to any home decor scheme and is suitable for use in almost any room. But perhaps what sets these candles apart the most are their fabulous fragrances once lit.

There is the Amber and Honey Pillar Candle which is comprised of a heady mixture of amber, honey, vanilla, caramel, patchouli, and chocolate scents that truly delights the senses. Or the delightfully fresh Macintosh Apple Pillar Candle, which, when lit gives off the comforting scent of fresh apples combined with tiger grass accord, white tea and white musk.

If you prefer the scent of citrus the Italian lemon, orange and verbena infused with white sugar and litsea that are combined within the Lemon Sugar Pillar Candle or the mandarin, tangerine and citrus verbena in the Tangerine Mango Pillar Candle are perfect choices. And for those of you just not quite ready to let go of the summer entirely the Ocean Mist or Passion Fruit Pillar Candles should bring it all flooding back. And these options are just a selection of those currently available!

In addition to being fabulous additions to any home, these pillar candles make great seasonal stocking stuffers or anytime hostess gifts, and as they are wonderfully long burning a gift that keeps giving all season long.

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