KHD Buzz – Walmart vs Amazon Heats Up..Again, The State of Personalization in eCommerce, Hudson Bay’s Battleplan and More

Walmart Introduces Express Instore Returns on Online Purchases

As the holiday shopping season gets set to kick off in earnest Walmart ramps up their battle with Amazon by introducing Mobile Express Returns, an in-store service that will allow customers to return and exchange products purchased online in a matter of minutes. Read More

Major Retailers Announce Thanksgiving Store Opening Plans 

There was, for several seasons, a trend among major retailers to get a jump on Black Friday by opening up on Thanksgiving evening. A big backlash changed that last year for some major retailers and they chose to close instead. But who will be doing the same again this year? Read More

Hudson Bay CEO Says ‘He’s Playing to Win’, Unlike Others 

Gerald Storch, CEO of Hudson Bay, the parent company of struggling US retailers Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor and a floundering Canadian retail chain told an industry conference last week that he has no plans to begin closing stores, as by doing so other retailers are hastening their own demise. Read More

Video: How Department Stores are Trying to Stay Alive 

So we know what Storch intends to do, but how about his peers? This video explores some of their plans.


Infographic – The State of Personalization in eCommerce 

eCommerce retailers are continually being advised to make greater use of personalization in their marketing efforts. But is it really working? This infographic breaks it down:

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