Ways to Add Value This Holiday Season Without Offering a Discount

October 20, 2017 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Offering big discounts is a common tactic among retailers during the holiday shopping season. But while the likes of Amazon and WalMart may be able to afford to do that many smaller retailers really cannot. And the good news is that they may not have to.

There are so many options available to them now consumers are looking not just at price when making their purchasing decisions but also at the value they are being offered in return for their much coveted holiday shopping dollars, and that is where, if they do things right, smaller retailers can actually gain an advantage over their larger competitors. With this in mind, if you would prefer not to make deep discounts you really can’t afford as a part of your holiday promotions consider one of these value-adding ideas.

Free Gift Wrapping

There are a lot of people out there who truly hate wrapping gifts, as, no matter how many times they’ve watched the likes of Martha Stewart do it on TV they simply cannot get the hang of it. You might be surprised by just how valuable many consumers think that free holiday gift wrapping is. It saves them time, it saves them hassle and it means their gifts don’t have to be the saddest looking this year after all. And for that they will be endlessly grateful, as it’s given them something a lot more valuable than a 99 cent discount ever could.

Free Tips, Tricks and Guides

Product related tips, tricks and usage guides are another inexpensive way to add value to your customer’s holiday purchase. As you are, after all, the expert on the products you sell creating these pieces should not be too hard. They can be offered in the form of social media posts, email newsletter content and/or downloadable white papers. And, if you have a physical retail location they could even be offered as a printed handout. Again, you may be pleasantly surprised by the positive reaction customers have to being offered this kind of extra value for free. If you need help creating these kinds of materials check out the free-to-use Canva interface, as it offers up easy to use templates and tools to create all kinds of digital and printable marketing pieces that look as good as those designed by the pros.

Purchase Related Contests

Holiday contests are, in general, a potentially very good marketing tactic, but if they are purchase related they can become a little more attractive of a prospect to you too. What to offer as a prize is up to you – it really should be attractive enough to encourage extra purchases of course – but you could also make it attractive for anyone to enter the contest by offering a small discount in return simply for entering.

Free Shipping

This one may be a little more expensive, but if you can offer free shipping it will almost undoubtedly be a big selling point in the minds of many. It does not have to be offered on every item, by now consumers are accustomed to the fact that such offers usually come with purchase minimums, and, as big concerns like Amazon and Jet are more than aware spending an extra $5 to make their order up to, say, a $50 minimum, is something that many consumers are likely to do.

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