KHD Buzz – Retail Sales in 2027, The History of Retail in Brief, The Rise of Livestreaming for Brands and More

October 23, 2017 0 By Koehler Home Decor

Report: Amazon May Own Half of US Online Sales by 2027

A new report from FTI Consulting suggests that online retail sales in the US will reach $1 trillion (as compared to $447 million this year.) The catch? The report projects that half of those sales will be made by Amazon. Read More

Venmo Now Available for Online Sales

Venmo, the app based payment system favored by many millennials, is now available to pay for online shopping purchases anywhere that its parent company PayPal is accepted, bringing all of its unique functionality with it. Read More

VIDEO: A Brief History of US Retail

The retail landscape is changing every day, but how did we get here? This video from the Wall Street Journal breaks it down in a rather engaging way.


Infographic: The Rise of Livestreaming and Its Benefits for Brands

Livestreaming is on the rise, and it offers some significant benefits and possibilities for brands of all kinds, as this infographic demonstrates:


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