3 Great Software Options for Running a Contest to Boost Your Holiday Marketing Efforts

3 Great Software Options for Running a Contest to Boost Your Holiday Marketing Efforts

November 3, 2017 0 By Koehler Home Decor

It’s advice that you probably hear, see or read every year; try running a holiday contest this year to increase consumer engagement and boost your holiday shopping visibility. Great idea, but how should you go about doing so? You’d like to reach your Facebook followers, your Insta fans and all the folks on your mailing list if possible but can that even be done? And keeping track of the entries and then choosing a winner fair and square? At this very busy time of the year there are very few small retailers that have the time for that.

Fortunately, as the popularity of online, digital contests has grown, along with the number of different channels people use for marketing purposes, so has the number of apps and softwares available that can help make staging a holiday contest both effective in marketing terms and far less of a hassle to setup and administer than you might imagine.

As there are so many different options now available, choosing between them may not be the simplest thing, the last thing you want to hear right now, when you have so many other things to do. To help you make a swifter, but sensible, choice here is a brief look at some of the best competition tools available today.

Rafflecopter – Rafflecopter has been around for some time now, and it remains one of the most popular choices among small to medium businesses looking to run contests. This popularity is for several reasons. The first being that you can actually run a small, basic contest for free, great if you have never tried it before and want to test how your audience responds without making huge investment.

The second reason that Rafflecopter is so successful is if that it offers a wide variety of engagement options and entrants can be asked to complete a wide range of actions (like, follow or share on a number of social platforms, visit certain URLs and even answer questions and submit photos) all from the same dashboard. The only downside? The interface is not as ‘pretty’ as some of the other options and you will need to embed the quiz in a website to get the most out of it, rather than just on a Facebook tab.

Gleam – Gleam offers many of the same features as Rafflecopter but also includes a powerful email integration tool for use with all the popular email marketing providers. It also offers a more attractive interface across the board, something that is increasingly important on image driven platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. You do need to be prepared to do a little more setup work than you might with Rafflecopter though and while there is a free option it is a little less comprehensive than the one offered by Rafflecopter.

Wishpond – As there is no free option at Wishpond – plans start at $49 per month – this option is best for those who want to run multiple contests on a regular basis. The options for doing so however are extensive and some of the features – such as beautiful  drag and drop landing page builders and a whopping 30+ integrations with all kinds of commonly used marketing and productivity apps – are done better at Wishpond than anywhere else.

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