3 Great Free Resources to Boost Your 2017 Holiday Marketing Campaigns

3 Great Free Resources to Boost Your 2017 Holiday Marketing Campaigns

November 10, 2017 0 By Koehler Home Decor

It used to be that, in the run up to the holidays, Black Friday ruled as the day that many retailers planned their biggest marketing push. Things have changed though, and while Black Friday is still important, but there are now other dates that retailers of any size should pay attention to and consider basing at least some of their marketing around.

In 2016, the following days were the top holiday spending days in the US:

Black Friday – November 29th
Small Business Saturday – November 30th
Cyber Monday – December 2nd
Green Monday – December 9th
Free Shipping Day – December 18th



As you can see, the weekend after Thanksgiving is truly the busiest of all for retail, but the two ‘newer’ events on the list are important as well. All of this means as a retailer, whether you sell online or off, or a combination of both are in for a very busy time over the next few weeks. It can also be an expensive time, both in terms of obtaining the marketing collateral you’ll need and your own time, which is, after all, an important factor here as well.

As you’ll need all the help you can get we have compiled a list of resources that are currently available that can offer you some great insights, ideas and even some freebies to help make your 2017 holiday campaign the big success you are hoping for. And best of all perhaps? They are all free.

Google Shopping Insights

This resource is specifically designed for those who operate offline but will benefit from gaining a better understanding about how consumers use Google to search for the items they are looking for before they head out of the door.

You can use these shopping insights to discover which products are most popular in Google searches, learn more about how they trend over time, compare regional preferences and explore trends in your specific locality and gain a better understanding into how consumers in your area are using mobile devices to shop. In a nutshell it’s a great deal of the research needed to mount a successful marketing campaign but it’s already been done for you.

Small Business Saturday Kits

Small Business Saturday will be celebrating its seventh year in 2017 and it is expected that for those who do business locally it will be more important than ever. The great thing about SBS is that it’s creator and sponsor, American Express, make it easy to participate and offer a wealth of free promotional materials for use in both online and offline promotion as well as insights and advice that will be useful all holiday season long.

Everything Holiday

Everything Holiday is an amazing holiday marketing resource that many people do not know about. Presented by Vertical Response, it’s an open to all 24 day program – that you can start at anytime and work your way through as quickly as you’d like – that offers downloadable checklists, email templates, stock photos, icons, illustrations and more.

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