KHD Buzz – Amazon’s 50 Days of Holiday Deals, USPS Sunday Deliveries, Daylight Savings Retail Spending Mystery and More

November Begins with Amazon’s ’50 Days of Holiday Deals’

In what is perhaps now almost an ‘official’ sign that the holiday shopping season has started, Amazon launched a ’50 Days of Holiday Deals’ promotion that kicked off on November 1st and will run right up until the last days before Christmas. Read More

USPS Trialing Sunday Delivery for the Holiday Season

With 2017 expected to be the busiest online holiday shopping season yet, USPS is attempting to compete with UPS and FedEx by taking the unusual step of offering Sunday delivery in 20 major US cities to retail businesses of all sizes. Read More

Report: When the Clocks Go Back, Consumers Tighten Their Wallets, But No One is Really Sure Why 

According to a new study conducted by  the JPMorgan Chase Institute in the weeks following the end of daylight savings time consumer retail spending drops 3.5% before rising again as November ends. What the study’s authors admit though is that even they don’t quite know why that is or what retailers should do about it. Read More.

What Online Retailers Can Learn From Alibaba’s Singles Day 

Every year online Chinese retail giant Alibaba bases a huge online sale around a ‘holiday’ they made up; Singles Day. And according to a number of Western retail experts there is a lot to be learned – and copied – from the idea of creating and celebrating a holiday that does not really exist. Read More

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