KHD Buzz – 2018 Retail and Retail Marketing Predictions Include the Rise of AI, the Death of the Pop Up and More

November 27, 2017 Off By Koehler Home Decor

It’s that time of year again. Not just holiday time but also the time when numerous experts and researchers begin publishing their predictions for the soon to be here New Year. Having had a year of ups and downs in 2017, retailers of all sizes and from all niches will be going into 2018 with high hopes and for some, especially brick and mortar retailers, more than a few nerves. So, what does 2018 hold? According to various experts, a great deal of change. And lots more artificial intelligence technologies.

Forrester Research: AI for Retail Will Become Widespread, Customers Will Demand More ‘Prime’ Experiences

In 2017 there was a great deal of buzz around the possible role for AI in retail, centered mainly around the use of chatbots as first contact customer service representatives. And according to Forrester Research’s annual retail predictions report 2018 will be the year that artificial intelligence in retail really comes into its own, along with the need for retailers build consumer loyalty, making use, they say, of similar techniques as used by retail giant Amazon with their Prime program. Read More

Salesforce: Siri and Google Home Take Center Stage in 2018 

In their annual Salesforce Predicts report the e commerce advocates also predict a rise in the use of AI in retail across the board, but they see bigger roles coming for the likes of established AI technologies like Siri and Google Home. Read More 

The Center for Client Retention: Return Processes Need to Improve, On Demand Shipping will Grow 

In addition to also predicting a rise in the use of AI – this seems to be a unanimous opinion –  the 2018 predictions report for the Center for Client Retention foresees a spike in the demand for more flexible shipping options and the need for a central point of contact for retail businesses that operate both on and offline as well as more streamlined returns processes and policies. Read More

Smart Insights: The Death of Pop Ups and the Rise of Social Messaging 

Marketing is obviously key to any retailer’s success, and according to the 2018 predictions report from Smart Insights it will be the year that social media messaging takes on a much bigger role in retail marketing as well as the year that the online marketing pop up finally dies. Read More

Infographic: 2018 Marketing Calendar

Even before the 2017 holiday shopping season is over savvy retailers are already thinking about their 2018 marketing plans. This handy infographic lays out exactly what big – and small – US holidays retailers should consider marketing around, and when they fall in 2018.

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