Is Your Website’s Email Sign Up Page Working Hard Enough?

December 1, 2017 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Every business website Рno matter what kind of business it is Рshould have an email sign up page. This is especially true in the case of retail businesses. Not only is it something that Google looks for when ranking your site in those all-important search listings it also helps you to improve customer service, capture extra leads and legitimizes your business by offering a real point of contact and connection that is fast and easy for today’s always in a hurry consumer. But are you really making the most of yours?


Location, Location, Location

While having a formal email sign up page is a must, people are now used to finding and using information very quickly online and, as a result, their attention spans do tend to be very short. This means that if they must go through a second navigation to reach your form they may not bother, which is why it is a good idea to either add it to every page or at least an easy direct link to the sign-up page that is easily visible at all times.

Another way to determine the best location(s) for your sign-up form is to take a look at your analytics. How do most people move through your site? How many of them are already making a beeline for that contact page after, say, browsing your services page and how many seem to just navigate away? A simple analytics solution like Google Analytics will show you this – and much more – so that you can determine the best ‘locations’ for your points of contact.

The Call to Action

Having a contact form easily accessible to visitors is great, but they do actually need to be persuaded in many cases to take the few minutes of their time to complete it. Every email sign up form has a unique end goal and that may differ from retailer to retailer, but ultimately any such form is always about getting those all-important leads and building a robust email list.

As it is so important to get people to fill these forms out, you need to craft a great call to action to run ahead of them. Not sure what one of those might be for your business website? Here are just a few tips:

  • Include ‘doing words’ (verbs) that stimulate the visitor to act
  • Offer a clear incentive for people to sign up, such as a discount coupon, a free product trial, or even a freebie.
  • Add a comforting word or two to remove perceived risk factors. Phrases like ‘no obligation’ and ‘guaranteed’ can be very effective.
  • Don’t ask for too much information. Not only are most people in a perpetual hurry but they will balk at handing over too much personal information during an initial contact. Name, phone number and email is probably all you need at this point, you can get to the demographic stuff
  • Finally, once a form is completed and submitted make sure it redirects to a separate thank you page. This builds trust, shows you have a genuine interest in them and keeps them on the site just a little longer, an extra bonus.





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