Why 2018 is the Year to Invest in a Mobile App for Your Retail Business

December 8, 2017 Off By Koehler Home Decor

As the number of consumers making regular daily use of smartphones for almost everything continues to skyrocket, it’s rather interesting to note that a recent Google study found that much of the time that people spend using those devices is actually spent in the app section of their gadget.

Maybe this is to save cell data (which can be costly), maybe it is to save time (the mobile web for many can be rather slow) or perhaps it is just a user preference. However, the simple fact is that people love apps and for many businesses, commissioning a mobile app pays off big time. But what could a mobile app do for your retail business? Here are just four great ways you can leverage the power of a mobile app.

Better Customer Engagement

Engaging with a potential customer or client via a mobile app is a real time event and one that provides you with location and profile information in an instant (no digging through an analytics printout, as you have to with web based interactions).

If your app has been well thought out and well designed, it is easy to turn these engaged app users into actual revenue generating customers. Take, as an example, Kraft Foods iFood app. It offers an increasing number of recipes (over 2,000 at the last count) most of which make use of Kraft ingredients. And not only are those products specifically listed the user also gets information about the stores nearest to them where they can pick them up.

Better Customer Service

Providing customer service on the fly is increasingly important right now. Providing it via a mobile app is about as direct and efficient as it gets. By adding a click to call button that connects the user directly with your office, your sales reps and/or your help desk, your customer service times become lightning fast, something that any consumer will truly appreciate.

Perfect Promotion

One of the biggest reasons consumers say that they download an app offered by a business is to gain access to special offers, coupons and other discounts. Configuring such things within an app is a fantastic promotional opportunity that can trump website coupons, Facebook offers and fliers without the need for a huge extra investment of time or money.

An Extra Sales Outlet

The fact that consumers are no longer shy about purchasing goods and services online is well known. And in fact many, according to various research studies, are more inclined to purchase via a mobile app versus the mobile web as they perceive such transactions to be more secure. Building a storefront within a mobile app is a great way to add an extra shopping channel to your marketing toolbox with relative ease.

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