Wholesale Product Spotlight – Vintage Hearts Table Lamp

Wholesale Product Spotlight – Vintage Hearts Table Lamp

December 6, 2017 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Lighting plays a huge role in home decorating and making a space uniquely your own. When it comes to home furnishings, the right lighting can make all the difference.

Most designers and decorators advise that you use a lighting scheme that consists of several layers of light, and they all advise making use of lamps. Our Vintage Hearts Table Lamp offers even more than just great illumination, it’s a standalone piece of stellar shabby chic home decor too.

Beautifully designed, featuring a soft cream and dusky rose colored patterned shade, the Vintage Hearts Table Lamp can be used to add extra visual appeal, as well as soft, shimmering light to almost any room in your home.

The Vintage Hearts Table Lamp stands 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ x 17 1/2″ high and features a beautifully shaped tall cream base that is accented with elegants bands of color. Crafted from a durable ceramic, this is a lamp that is tougher than its dainty looks might have you believe and it’s timeless styling means it will enhance any room in which it is placed for years to come.

Buy the Vintage Hearts Table Lamp wholesale at Koehler Home Decor.

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