KHD Buzz – The Rise of the Porch Pirate, Walmart Changes Its Name, Offline Retail is NOT DEAD and More

KHD Buzz – The Rise of the Porch Pirate, Walmart Changes Its Name, Offline Retail is NOT DEAD and More

December 11, 2017 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Porch Pirates are the 21st Century Grinches Out to Spoil Christmas

According to a recent survey conducted by home security firm Ring there are an increasing number of people out to play the Grinch this holiday season by stealing the gifts people so carefully chose online to be delivered to their door. But can anything be down to stop these ‘porch pirates’? Read More

Apparently Offline Retail Isn’t Dead After All

Despite some gloomy predictions, if the figures from Black Friday and the following week are any indication, Amazon has not won the holiday shopping game, and many offline retailers are set to enjoy their best holiday shopping season in years. Read More

Walmart is Officially Changing Its Name – Sort Of

Walmart is changing its name. The change is a very subtle one- it will be changing its legal moniker from from Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. to Walmart Inc. in February 2018, but according to experts this is another sign that the online retail side of things is still gaining importance to the corporation. Read More.

UPS is Not Coping Well With the Holiday Demand

Everyone agrees and the numbers back them up, online holiday shopping is exploding this year. And while that may be great news for online retailers it seems to be more than a bit of a problem for UPS, who are now admitting they are struggling to keep up with the demand this year. Read More.

Infographic: The Impact of Great Customer Relationships

Focusing on nurturing customer relationships should be one of your business’ biggest focuses going into 2018. Why? This infographic explains it all.

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