KHD Buzz – Amazon is Bigger Than You Thought, Target Aims for Same Day Delivery, Consumers Don’t Want to Get Personal and More

Morgan Stanley Break Down: Just How Big Amazon is in Online Retail

We all know that Amazon is a huge player in online retail in the US, but do we ever really realize just how big they are? A recent Morgan Stanley report broke the numbers down and actually, big does not even really begin to describe them. Read More

Target Acquire Shipt for $550 Million to Compete with Amazon and Walmart

Target has been lagging well behind rivals Amazon and Walmart in the online retail space but they are hoping that will change in 2018. Why? Because the company just acquired shipping service Shipt for a whopping $550 million, in a bid to offer the first, reliable same day delivery service. Read More

Consumers Beginning to Balk at Giving up Too Much Personal Data

Personalization in marketing has been a big buzzword in 2017, especially when it comes to retail marketing. A new survey from Accenture however shows that those efforts may be hampered by the fact that consumers are increasingly uncomfortable with how much personal data they are being asked to provide. Read More

Retailers Fighting Amazon with Alternative Site Reviews

At a time when reviews are more important than ever before to online retailers, Amazon’s hold on the search market is extremely problematic for smaller retailers. Now however, a growing number of retailers are fighting back, by having reviews placed with alternative sites via syndication in a bid to boost their review SEO. Read More

Infographic: Small Business Guide to Instagram Stories

Big retailers have been making extensive use of Instagram Stories as a part of their social media marketing campaigns in 2017. Fewer smaller concerns have been following suit, but that may be because they don’t really understand what Stories has to offer to them. This infographic attempts to break that down.

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