KHD Buzz – Millennials Boosted Amazon’s Holiday Sales, Forbes Awards Retail Person of the Year and More

Millennials Were the Key to Amazon’s Holiday Season Success 

Amazon had another good holiday shopping season, but their performance, it seems, hinged on a single demographic. Millennials made up by far the largest portion of  Amazon’s sales over the holidays, and because these ‘youngsters’ are now getting older they were spending more than before as well. Read More 

Forbes Names Nike CEO ‘Retail Person of the Year’

Forbes have made their choice for their annual ‘Retail  Person of the Year’ Award, naming Nike co-founder and current CEO Mark Parker as their top choice. Read More

Foot Locker Showcase AR in Real World Action with Snapchat Sneaker Unboxing

Experts continue to predict that online retail will need to embrace the developing technologies of augmented and virtual reality very soon to keep up with consumer expectations. Over Christmas however, it was a primarily offline retail concern, Foot Locker, who showed off just what AR can achieve for retailers by making use of a special lens and Snapchat. Read More.

18 Retail Facts Involving The Number 18, For 2018

To celebrate the end of 2017 and the dawning of 2018, Forbes published an entertaining – and informative – fact list to celebrate everything 1-8 in retail. Read More

Infographic – Keeping Up with the Visual Internet

We all know that the Internet is becoming more and more image and visuals oriented, and that marketers need to find effective ways to keep their target audience’s eyeballs engaged. This infographic breaks down some of the latest innovations and trends while offering a little advice on how they can be leveraged.

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