Top Tips for Using Pinterest for Business

August 22, 2012 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Pinterest has finally begun open registrations – no more invites are needed to register – which means that more businesses than ever are creating accounts on the virtual scrapbooking site in an attempt to drive more traffic to their website as well as expand their social media reach. The potential to do all of that and more is certainly there, you just need to know how to go about using Pinterest for business the right way.

How Much Traffic Can Pinterest Really Generate?

In terms of size according to Pinterest themselves the site attracted 119 million visitors in July of 2012 – before open registration – compared to Twitter’s 250 million. Not bad figures for a site that is so very new but nothing compared to Facebook’s billions.

The difference in traffic referrals is the big appeal of Pinterest for many businesses though. It is hard to keep a Facebook fan base engaged and even harder when only a certain portion of your followers ever see your posts anyway thanks to Facebook’s page display algorithm. On Pinterest great pins ‘speak’ for themselves and because re-pinning is so easy it seems to encourage people to do more of the sharing that businesses wish that Facebookers would.

Having great images to share in the first place is the biggest key to Pinterest success of course but there are other things you should be doing to really get the most out of your Pinterest boards. Here are just a few tips:

Add Interest to Your Images – Pinterest is a great place to showcase your products but the more interesting you can make your images the better. One great example of clever Pinterest use are the boards that Etsy maintains on Pinterest. Rather than just pinning images of their sellers goods they showcase them in real life settings that show off how the products can be used by consumers and its a tactic that almost any retail business can use to one degree or another.

Create Unusual Boards – Rather than just dividing your images into generic sections like ‘new products’ or ‘dresses’ ‘purses’ and things like that getting a little more creative can attract far more interest to your boards. For example you can create boards based on colors, seasons and interests and showcase lots of different products within them.

Get Involved – Pinterest is a social network and you do need to spend some time repinning and commenting on other users images. Starting simple conversations this way leads to relationships and relationships can lead to sales as well as to brand loyalists who, by repinning your images actually help market your products for you too.

Integrate Pinterest into Your Website and Your Other Social Media Accounts

Not only is it a good idea to provide a link to your Pinterest boards on your website but you should also add the ‘pin it’ button to the pictures of your products displayed on your site so that your visitors can pin them to their own Pinterest boards.

As you pin images on Pinterest you are given the option to share a link on Twitter and Facebook and while it is probably overkill to do this with every single pin but a few can help attract even more interest.

Using Pinterest for business does take some thought and effort but many people are finding that it is far more interesting – and even fun – to build Pinterest boards than maintaining some of their other social networking accounts so in a way you could see it as a hobby rather than a chore!

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