KHD Buzz – Walmart Close to Cashier-Less Stores, The Rise of the Vending Machine, Customer Research Habits and More

January 15, 2018 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Walmart Close to Truly Cashier-Less Stores

Despite having given associates a much publicized basic rate raise recently Walmart may still be planning to replace many of them, as they announced last week they plan to add their ‘Scan and Go’ smartphone enabled checkouts, which allows customers to shop and pay without ever needing to inetract with a human staff member, to 100 more stores within the next few months with plans or many more. Read More

Report: Consumers Online Purchase Research  at an All-Time High 

According to a new report from the eCommerce Foundation in 2017 a whopping 88% of  people saud they research a purchase online before going shopping, whether that shopping is done online or off. Read More

Luxury and Niche Vending Machines on the Rise

The humble vending machine may be the next big disruptor on the retail scene, as the number of entrepreneurs investing in the hardware to offer luxury and niche goods is signigicantly on the rise. Read More

Infographic: The State of Online vs. Brick and Mortar Retail

Is online retail really killing off brick and mortar stores? This infographic attempts to begin answering that question.


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