Making Use of User Generated Content to Boost Your Retail Business

Making Use of User Generated Content to Boost Your Retail Business

January 26, 2018 Off By Koehler Home Decor

User generated content; it was one of the biggest marketing buzzwords of 2017. However, there is plenty of evidence – and more than a bit of research – to suggest that in a time of declining organic social media reach, increasing CPCs in paid search and a spike in the number of people making use of ad blockers, leveraging user generated content is more than just a fad and something your business should at least consider.

Here are some very good reasons why you should consider making user generated content a part of your overall marketing strategy:

People’s Purchases are Seriously Influenced by Peer Recommendations

According to the Nielsen’s latest Global Trust in Advertising report research, up to 92% of adult consumers admit that they trust peer recommendations over all other forms of advertising, including those celebrity endorsements that were once all the rage.

And it makes sense. Who are you going to trust more to tell you which brand of concealer will actually cover up a terrible blemish? Kylie Jenner who has a gazillion dollars and is never pictured without a face full of makeup and a forgiving photo filter, or your friend who always seems to look pretty good when you see them at the shops first thing in the morning?

By encouraging users to share just how they use their products or services with the world – showing off the results of using that concealer in their latest Instagram story for example – not only will the product reach a new audience but the company behind it gains a treasure trove of ‘trusted’ imagery to use in future marketing campaigns.

UGC Can Boost Engagement and Reach

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently you know that it’s getting harder and harder for businesses to make an impact on social media unless they agree to pay for exposure.

Organic reach is declining for sure, but only as far as business pages and accounts are concerned. One group that is seeing an increase in organic exposure for their posts, tweets and snaps are ‘general users’, also known as your customers and their friends.

By encouraging these general users to share content on their own timelines your company can gain back at least some of that organic reach your own accounts have lost. In fact, according to ComScore, brands experience, on average, a 28% jump in social media engagement when people are exposed to user generated content related to their brand.

A Boost in the SERPS

Obviously, few business’ marketing efforts center solely around social media. Google – and where your business shows up there – and SEO are still every bit as important, but user generated content can actually help you out there too.

The wider the variety and volume of content that is out there that makes use of your name in conjunction with the keywords and keyphrases you want to rank for, the better. Much of the user generated content will be indexable – especially if it comes from Twitter thanks to the renewed search partnership between Google and the microblogging platform – and that alone should give you a nice, free and SEO boost and who doesn’t want that?


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