KHD Buzz – eBay CEO on Retail’s Future, Robot Shop Assistant Fired, Cashing in On Amazon’s Success and More

Amazon says Amazon Go Stores Are Well Guarded Against Shoplifting 

Amazon has opened the first of its Amazon Go stores to the public. While many things about the cashier-less store are interesting and innovative, many wonder how shoplifting will be prevented in a store that allows customers to walk out without ever seeing a cash register. According to the company, it’s not a problem they are worried about. Read More

Robot Grocery Store Assistant ‘Fired’ on Its First Day 

Robot greeters and assistants are another tech innovation that pundits feel will be a big part of the future of brick and mortar retail. However, in practice, they may not be such a good idea after all. When a robot assistant was deployed in a grocery store in Scotland recently it was ‘fired’ on its first day, because customers were too annoyed by it. Read More 

VIDEO: eBay CEO: Get Used to Voice Search for Retail

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland eBay CEO Devin Wenig, discussed the future of eBay – and retail in general. And one of the things he sees playing a big role; voice search.

EBay CEO: Our mix of cost, speed and convenience give us a great competitive advantage from CNBC.

Infographic: How Amazon Makes Its Money and How You Can Get Your Share 

We all know Amazon makes a lot of money, but exactly how do they do it? and can small retailers actually cash on the company’s huge success? This infographic explores the issue in more detail.

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