KHD Buzz – Amazon Exceeds $1 Billion Quaterly Profit, Trump Backs Online Sales Tax, Mobile Marketing Tips and More

Amazon’s Quarterly Profit Tops  $1 Billion


Amazon certainly had a great holiday shopping season to end 2017, as the company has announced their quarterly profit for the period exceeded $1 billion for the first time in company history. Read More

50% of Millennials  Don’t Want to Talk to Human Retail Assistants

Millennial shopping habits are now frequently under the microscope as the demographic represents a large portion of the retail market right now. And they do seem to have some interesting quirks. For example, A survey of online marketplace’s customers has found that more than half of them prefer to look up store and product information online over actually speaking to a human assistant in store. Read More

Trump Seems to Back Online Sales Tax

Speaking before the Senate Banking Committee this week, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said that there are parts of a proposed national Internet sales tax that President Trump “likes a lot.” But if such a plan does go ahead, what does it mean for online retailers in the US. Read More

Infographic: 2018 Mobile Marketing Stats and Tips for Small Businesses

Mobile marketing is, by all accounts, projected to continue to grow in importance throughout 2018. But what does that mean for small businesses? This infographic attempts to break it down.

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