KHD Marketing Software Review – Promo Republic

KHD Marketing Software Review – Promo Republic

February 9, 2018 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Social media marketing is good for business; any business. Or potentially anyway. Social media marketing only works if you work at it, which can be difficult, as it is hard work.

Because the engaging content and regular posting that is needed to create a successful social media presence for any business is such a time suck, a slew of tools and softwares have popped up over the last few years that claim they can make it all so easy.  As we like to keep up to date on these things, we try to keep track of these tools.

Promo Republic is one of the newer entrants into this arena and its creators make a lot of claims about just how much this single platform can do. Indeed, it does seem, at first glance to offer a lot, but is any of it actually any good?


Initially you can try out PromoRepublic free, but you have to jump through more than a few hoops to do so. Like this, tweet that, have a quick ‘chat’ with an online CR and you can indeed set up a very limited account free to try out.

So what’s on offer here? PromoRepublic offers social media scheduling, premade, customizable social media post ideas, free stock photos, ‘quotes’ and links to articles and content that are supposedly relevant to your niche, determined partially by your initial account settings and partially by an ‘analysis’ of your social media accounts.

The number of accounts you can add to a single account varies according to your payment plan, but the interface supports Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram (sort of) VK and Weibo. There is no software to download, everything stays in the cloud and in addition to the web based interface there are also iOS and Android apps available so you can ‘schedule on the go’.


All of this sounds good, in theory. Once you dig in to the dashboard however, you’ll find it’s all pretty hit and miss. Some of the features are truly great, some are far less so, and some fall somewhere in between.

On the great side; the stock photos. There are hundreds, and they are all of the promised professional quality. If you post a lot, these may alone be worth the price of a basic membership as it offers much better value than the $1 a piece plus you’ll be charged at stock sites for just a single image.

On the not so great side; the pre-made posts. Some look OK, some even are. Occasionally there’s even a real gem. But mostly they are very generic and pretty cheesy. There is also the issue that the copy can be appalling. Post some of these without a good proofread and you’ll look like a real social media marketing newbie.

On the OK side; the image post editor. This is actually not a bad editor at all. Not as complex as many, you can customize the template posts or take a stock photo and add text, image layers, logos and the like. You can the choose to download the finished product or add it straight into the social scheduler to post at a predetermined time.

Dig a bit more and you’ll also find some  help articles but it’s doubtful you’ll need them as the one thing PromoRepublic does claim that is absolutely true is it’s very easy to use.


Overlooking the free trial, a basic account at PromoRepublic will set you back $9 a month. For that you can add five social networks to auto post to and a limited number of scheduling slots a week. From there the pricing jumps considerably, to $20 a month for ‘pro’ and $49 for ‘superior’

In Conclusion

PromoRepublic is an odd little utility. Some of it is not particularly helpful or valauble and there are certainly better tools out there if you are looking for template posts. However, the stock photo library is the draw. Hundred and hundreds of high quality pictures for $9 a month and you can make them look pretty good in the built in editor. That alone is probably worth the monthly fee and if you get more out of it, great, that’s just icing on the cake.



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