Costly Content Marketing SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Costly Content Marketing SEO Mistakes to Avoid

May 15, 2020 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Content marketing is one of the most effective of digital marketing techniques for any retail business. When you combine it with SEO (search engine optimization) it has the potential to be even more effective.

Blogging can be especially effective, both as a way to drive extra traffic to your site and to improve its rankings in search engine query results.

However, many struggle to get the kind of good SEO results they were expecting from blogging. It’s often not a problem with the content itself though. It’s more about the fact that some basic SEO mistakes are being made. Here is a look at some of the most common.

Going Keyword Crazy

One of the biggest SEO mistakes content creators and content marketers make is obsessing over keywords.

Keywords are important, but in the current search environment, high quality, engaging content will rank higher, even if it contains just a keyword or two across a 500-word piece.

In addition, such content is far more readable, well-written and is a far better brand builder than keyword stuffed nonsense.

Not Paying Attention to Internal Linking

Many who are trying to take advantage of what SEO has to offer to spend so much time worrying about getting the kinds of external and backlinks Google and other search engines are looking for that they forget – or don’t even realize – that internal linking is very important as well.

Internal links, as far as Google is concerned, create a better ‘pathway’ for users to travel along when visiting your site, and will reward you for it. you don’t need a fancy linking strategy either.

Make it a habit to link to at least one old article of yours in every new post you write. Linking to old content from new articles will not only help with SEO but also drive real traffic to the best articles that you’ve already written.

Not Making Enough Use of Your Content

Usually, each piece of content created takes more than a little time and effort. And yet far too many people hit publish, share on their social networks once and then forget that piece to move on to the next one. That, however, is a big mistake.

If you are guilty of this consider all of these ways to get more out of every article or blog post you create.

Add Them to Autoresponders – New subscribers to your mailing list probably haven’t read any of your older posts, so why not add a few to your welcome autoresponder so that they have a glimpse of the great stuff to come in the future.

Don’t Stop at One Social Media Promotion – With odd algorithms that seem to keep changing only a small percentage of any of your social media followers are likely to see a post/tweet promoting your content the first time around. By making use of a service like Buffer or Missing Lettr you can schedule social sharing for old articles so that you can drive social media traffic to them on an ongoing basis.

Repromote Older Posts – Some posts are evergreen, and yet they are allowed sit at the bottom of a posts list unnoticed by new readers.

You can breathe new life into them by adding new resources to them, removing old links that are no longer relevant, or simply adding more content to make the article better or more up to date. You’ll get an SEO boost as Google will crawl them again and a readership boost as more people discover your older work.

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