KHD Buzz – Trump in Favor of Online Sales Tax, Amazon Prepares to take on UPS and Fed Ex, January Retail Sales Slump and More

Mnuchin – Trump in Favor of Online Sales Tax 

According to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Donald Trump is in favor of requiring online retailers in the US to charge both state and local sales taxes for all purchases, while once again taking aim at Amazon. Read More 

Dip in January Retail Sales  Largest in 11 Months 

According to the US Commerce  Department, retail figures for January 2018 reflected the largest slump in retail spending in over 11 months. But is this just a reflection of consumers temporarily tightening their belts after a busy holiday season or a sign of a new retail decline in 2018? Read More

More than 50% of Online Retailers Would Consider a Switch to Shipping By Amazon

According to a report from Internet Retailer Research, as Amazon prepares to launch their Shipping by Amazon service to challenge Fed Ex and UPS more than 50% of the independent online retailers they surveyed said they would consider leaving their current service to give Amazon’s new offering a try. Read More.

Which Social Media Site Delivers Best for Online Retailers?

Online retailers are, according to a report from Bringhub, spending more than ever on social media marketing. But which channel offer the biggest ROI and why? Is it Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook? Read More

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