2018 Social Media Marketing Myths Explored and Exploded

2018 Social Media Marketing Myths Explored and Exploded

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By now social media marketing is a part of an overall Internet marketing strategy for almost any business and is no longer considered just a fad being propelled by surly teenagers and egocentric celebrities.

As commonplace as social media marketing has become plenty of bad information and advice is mixed in with all of the good that is available and inevitably certain myths suddenly become accepted as fact, even in 2018 when people perhaps should really know better.

Here are some of the biggest myths about social media marketing that are still making the rounds right now:

You Need to Be on Every Major Social Network

Too many companies are falling for this one and trying to keep up with a Facebook profile, a Twitter account, a Linkedin account, Pinterest, Instagram and these days the list goes on and on. This is an almost unmanageable situation though, even if you enlist outside help.

The fact is that certain brands are better suited to certain networks than others and a useful and constant presence on just two or three social networks is far better than a poor, often neglected presence on five or six. For the best chance of achieving real SMM success focus on achieving the former.

Social Media Can Replace Your Website

This is a dangerous myth that a number of small and startup businesses – especially local businesses – seem to still be falling for. Why pay for a website and go through all that hard work if you can do it all for free on Facebook? You can sell goods from a Facebook page or a Pinterest account so why even bother with an e-commerce website anymore if you are a smaller retail concern?

What these businesses need to understand is that a social network page can never replace a website. Firstly a website gives you a permanent presence that anyone can find because, contrary to what the media might have you believe, no the entire world is not on Facebook or Twitter.

There are still plenty of regular Internet users who have never fallen for the siren call of social networking and even more who have got bored with the idea and moved on. And these people are potential customers as well.

There are also very few real SEO benefits in having a social media profile. Sure the search engines say that they are taking social signals into account these days but that is in relation to content in a limited sense. Because Google cannot actually crawl Facebook and many other social networks, then all those great posts you are making are never seen by the search bots.

Social Media is Not Right for Your Type of Business

This is another big myth and these days it’s a rather silly one. How do you decide if a social presence is right for your business? Well does your company ever need to generate new leads? Do you ever need to generate more traffic to your company website?

Are you at all interested in building a stronger brand image for your business? Are you interested in providing an easy way for your customers, and potential customers, to give you feedback and ask questions? If you answered yes to any of these questions then yes, some kind of social media presence is right for your business.

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