KHD Buzz – Walmart’s Changing Customer Base, The Rise of the Robot Cashier, Visual Marketing Facts and More

Meet Walmart’s New Customer Base – Affluent, Tech Savvy But Still Looking for Deals 

At the beginning of the year, Walmart officially changed their legal name – from Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. to Walmart Inc. – to reflect their changing business that now includes a heavy eCommerce component. And according to a new report, their customer base seems to be changing as well, as younger, more affluent customers are drawn to what was once a decidedly blue-collar chain. Read More

Cashiers are Disappearing – But is the Concept Here to Stay? 

It’s not just Amazon who are keen on the idea of cashier-less bricks and mortar stores. Walmart is increasing the number of cashier-free checkouts in stores across the country and even Starbucks are experimenting with the idea. But is the concept of the ‘robotic cashier’ really here to stay? Read More 

Report: Consumers Want Online/Offline Integration to Increase 

A number of recent reports and surveys have seemed to indicate that the all-important Millennial shopper is not as adverse to shopping offline as was previously thought. But as a new report reveals they don’t want to lose certain conveniences of online shopping in a store either and are seeking a balance between the two that some retailers may find hard to meet. Read More

Infographic: Reasons People Are Wired for Visual Marketing

It has been common advice for several years now. Visual marketing works, and making use of images in marketing is perhaps more important than ever. But why does it work? This infographic explores the science behind the appeal of visual marketing.

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