KHD Buzz – Online Retail Trends for 2018, Blockchain and Small Retail Business, Retail Packaging Gets Smarter and More

Nordstrom Aquire Two Digital Startups to Help Expand Online Presence 

Like many offline retailers, Nordstrom has faced struggles to keep pace with online retail over the past few years. Now, with the acquisition of two digital startups – BevyUp and MessageYes – they are hoping to beef up their online presence ahead of taking the department store private. Read More 

The Packaging Revolution Sparked by Online Retails’ Success

As the sheer volume of product purchases made online continues to increase so does the packaging needed to ship it all in. And combining affordability, function and sustainability is not always easy. Some companies, however, are seeking solutions that are both unusual and innovative. Read More

Blockchain May Help Smaller Online Retailers Compete with the ‘Big Boys’  

Blockchain isn’t just powering the BitCoin revolution, for some smaller online retailers, it is helping them compete in an age dominated by the likes of Amazon and Alibaba. Read More 

Infographic: eCommerce Trends Set to Dominate in 2018

Retail and eCommerce trends come and go. As retail is changing faster than ever right now, thanks in large part to a willingness to embrace new technologies, this look at trends to watch in 2018 is particularly interesting.

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