New at KHD – Decorative Dream Catcher Collection

New at KHD – Decorative Dream Catcher Collection

March 28, 2018 Off By Koehler Home Decor

The Native American Dream Catcher legend says that Dream Catchers will catch bad dreams and let only good dreams through to the dreamer below. Whether that is true or not these beautiful pieces also make striking and very beautiful pieces of home decor, as our new Dreamcatcher Collection demonstrates perfectly.

From among our new collection you can choose from the bejeweled splendor of the Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher, the charmingly rustic Antlers Dreamcatcher, the striking Eagle Dreamcatcher or the slightly fearsome Arrow Dreamcatcher.

Each is beautifully crafted from the finest materials and can be hung almost anywhere in the home, although a bedroom is the best spot for catching all of those bad dreams. You could even make use of one of these gorgeous dream catchers outdoors, near a hammock perhaps, so that those summer snoozes are filled with nothing but pleasant thoughts.

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