The Free Google SEO Tools You Should Be Using on Your Retail Website

The Free Google SEO Tools You Should Be Using on Your Retail Website

April 6, 2018 0 By Koehler Home Decor

A lot of businesses – even small businesses – who are concerned about SEO (which certainly something anyone with a business website should be) spend more than a little a cash on various SEO tools to help them try to ensure that their site is as attractive to Google as possible.

However, that may not always be money well spent. Not because upping your SEO efforts is not worth it – it is – but because Google offers many tools useful for SEO themselves and they are all free. Here’s a look a some of the best of them:

Chrome Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a “lite” program compared to many paid site review tools, as it only provides feedback on ten metrics. It currently provides feedback on ten SEO metrics, including all the following:

  • Viewport Meta Tag
    Title Element
    Meta Description
    HTTP Status Code
    Descriptive Text on Links
    Page Status for Successful Crawling & Indexing
    Validates Hreflang
    Validates rel=canonical
    Validates font legibility for mobile devices
    Checks if document avoids browser plugins for viewing

The reason why this is a tool you should be using despite its ‘lite’ nature is that it represents Google’s opinion of ten metrics you should be looking at. If Google feels that these metrics are important, then you should too. Many paid tools operate on ‘best guesswork’ of what Google feels is important (because that is what a lot of SEO is) but here you are getting advice straight from the horse’s mouth.


This site auditing tool offers to analyze two metrics:

Estimated loading time on a 3G mobile network
Estimated visitor loss due to poor loading time.

This is a good tool for obtaining a quick snapshot of the speed health of a website, a factor that Google is placing more and more importance on for SERPs rankings. It’s especially helpful because it offers a full report containing suggestions for speeding up your specific web page (although to get it requires signing up for a newsletter. )

Page Speed Insights

This online tool provides a numerical speed score and offers specific tips for speeding up a web page. It tells you which scripts and style sheets are slowing down your site, which images are too big, and offers lots of other tips for speeding up your web pages. It can be used relatively easily by non-techies as all of the suggested fixes are explained in great detail and with step by step instruction on how to proceed.

Safe Browsing Test

This tool tests if there is any malware on a site. All too often webmasters have no idea that malware is affecting their site until disaster strikes. This simple tool helps prevent that and has an added extra bonus; it will tell you the last time that google indexed your site. This will allow you to make sure that the Google Bots are being beckoned every time you post new content, as they should be.

Google Trends

Google Trends provides information about keyword popularity and also segments the information by time and geography.

The time section gives you an idea of how seasons may affect keywords, something that can be particularly useful to retailers. It can also show you if a keyword is losing popularity. If you see a downward trend in a keyword, this could indicate that a product or trend is causing searchers to lose interest in that search. This will then help you alter your own keyword use accordingly.

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