KHD Buzz – Trump is Not an Amazon Fan But the Government Is, China’s Online Retail Explosion and More

Donald Trump Does Not Like Amazon, But The Government Seems Increasingly Reliant On it 

It’s hardly a secret that President Donald Trump is no fan of Amazon, having taken plenty of Twitter potshots at it, most recently about its ‘unfair’ relationship with the USPS. However, as this recent WSJ article revealed, the government itself is increasingly reliant on Amazon services. Read More

Private Label Brands Growing in the Online Space 

Private label brands like Costco’s Kirkland and Walmart’s Mainstays have long enjoyed success in offline retail. Now, however, led by Amazon, Jet and a growing number of smaller concerns private labels are gaining traction online as well. Read More.

Report: China’s Online Retail Market to Hit $1.1tn in 2018

According to a new report from Forrester, China’s booming online retail market will hit over one trillion dollars by the end of this year, growth that is well ahead of previous predictions. Read More

Infographic: Small Business Guide to Facebook Insights

A successful social media marketing campaign can be a big boon for any business. However, you do need to understand what is – and isn’t – working.

Facebook offers its Insights section to help users of their platform do just that, but it can be a confusing platform to use. This infographic helps break down the basics you need to know.

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