KHD Buzz – Location, Location, Location, What Can Really Save Facebook, Amazon vs. Alibaba and More

April 16, 2018 0 By Koehler Home Decor

Locating Customers on the Go – The Future of OmniChannel Explored 

As more and more retailers determine that their best hopes for survival lie in omnichannel operations retailers are refocusing their attention on that old adage “location, location, location”. But they mean their customers’ locations, not their own. Read More

Will Ad Free Subscriptions Save Facebook? 

There is no doubt that in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal that Facebook is in a lot of trouble, something that has personal and professional ramifications for many who, it’s said, have become far too reliant on the platform.

One suggestion is that to ‘save’ the company Mark Zuckerberg and Co. should begin doing just what they promised they never would; charging for membership. But if they were to go ahead and offer ad-free subscriptions what would that mean for the thousands of businesses that now make Facebook such a large part of their marketing strategy? Read More 

Inside Shopify’s Boozy Headquarters

Shopify, one of the biggest players in the online store creation market, has a new headquarters. In a former Seagrams Disterilly in Seattle. And it’s amazing. Read More

Alibaba vs. Amazon – The Retail Prize Fight of the Century

The hipster versus the hustler. Jeff Bezos vs Jack Ma. Amazon vs. Alibaba. The two biggest online retail companies on the planet are gearing up for a clash as both companies make inroads into each others’ major markets. But who will come out on top? Retail analyst Robin Lewis breaks down the numbers. Read More

Infographic: Technology and Customer Relations

“How can technology be used effectively to bring us closer to our customers rather than further away?” asks this infographic by digital customer experience platform CUBE. And their observations are very interesting indeed.

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