KHD Buzz – New Rising Retail Stars, The Best Products to Sell Online, Snapchat’s Shoppable Filters and More

While Retail Giants Perish Smaller, Newer Brick and Mortar Stores are Flourishing

2017, and 2018 thus far, saw the demise of a number of iconic retail chains. But as they fall others are rising, including a store built on fidget spinners and a non-profit tech haven.  Read More

15 Great Products to Maximize Online Sales Revenue

Thinking of adding a few new products to your online sales inventory this summer? A new study conducted by Small Biz Trends has uncovered 15 of the best options for boosting your bottom line Read More

Snapchat! Offers Shoppable Filters for All

Forget the dog face filter, some of the most popular new filters on the Millennial heavy Snapchat! platform are being offered as shoppable snaps by retailers large and small. Read More 

Infographic: Technology and Couponing 

Couponing hasn’t gone away, it has just adapted to technology and the modern consumer’s preferences, as this infographic explains.

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