Mother’s Day Marketing Tips and Insights That Will Boost Your Retail Sales All Year Long

Mother’s Day Marketing Tips and Insights That Will Boost Your Retail Sales All Year Long

Mother’s Day is a big day for both consumers everywhere and retailers. For consumers, it’s the time of year when they can show love and appreciation for their mothers and thank them for all they’ve done without feeling too silly about it.

For retailers, this is the first major shopping ‘holiday’ in Q2 and the beginning of a slow build-up of increasingly-important shopping periods to come, ranging from Dads and Grads to back-to-school and concluding with the huge holiday shopping season.

Mother’s Day also comes at a time when retailers can begin tweaking their marketing efforts and evaluating and experimenting with different deals and touchpoints to see what consumers are most likely to respond to and when they’ll respond to them relative to the holiday.

These actions can be critical. They not only provide real insights into current shopper behavior, it also enables marketers to adjust their strategy in plenty of time for the rest of those upcoming shopping bonanza periods.

Then there is also the fact that Mother’s Day in itself can be hugely profitable. According to the National Retail Federation, based on their findings for 2018, 86% of Americans will celebrate Mother’s Day this year and spend an average of $180 per person.

Consumers aged 25-44 will be the biggest spenders, as they intend to spend an average of $224 and more than 40% of them intend to shop both online and off in order to find the perfect gift.

Key Marketing Strategies for Mother’s Day

Perhaps more than any other holiday, the best Mother’s Day marketing campaigns speak to emotion rather than the hard sell. This isn’t the time to go after new customers particularly aggressively – although they should always be kept in mind of course – but rather to nurture the relationships you have with existing customers and prospects.

But is there really anything ‘new’ you can do this year in order to better connect with your audience? Maybe there isn’t anything hugely groundbreaking you can do as a small business but there are some great tactics you may not have tried before. Here are just a few suggestions.

Create a Video Gift Guide

Gift guides for any major holiday are a smart idea, as they make it easier for busy spouses and family members to find the perfect gift. However, when combined with the marketing power of video they can become even more effective.

Create a video showcasing your best Mother’s Day deals and you’ll get a piece of content that will not only – if it’s done right – grab more attention than a printed list or static blog post but can be used in lots of different ways. A video can be added to your website, to your newsletters and obviously shared all across your social media channels as well.

Creating the video should not be as hard as you think either. With some great product images, a little copywriting and the help of an easy to use SAS utility like Animoto you can create a stunning Mother’s Day video gift guide in about an afternoon (at most).

Offer Special Discounts to Teens

So many teens save up their allowances or part-time job wages to buy something special for mom but are often disheartened to be priced out of items they know their mom would love. A couple of Mother’s Day marketing ideas that help with this are a special discount for kids or a special section of affordable items that gives them the chance to walk away with the perfect gift for mom.

For them, this gets them a great gift for Mom. For you, as a retailer, a potential social media marketing boost, as teens post on social media A LOT and with just a little nudge can be easily persuaded to promote your brand on your behalf (maybe just by offering them that little discount.)

Tap All the Mom Markets

Mother’s Day has grown in leaps and bounds over the years and it now applies not just to Moms, but to stepmoms, grandmothers, aunts, and even to ‘pet moms’, so make sure you include something for ‘all moms’, especially within your gift guide and in your social media marketing campaigns.

Offer Free or Rush Shipping as a Mother’s Day Promotion

Dads of small kids and busy adult children everywhere will thank you – for a long time – for this. Trust us. Showing up for a Mother’s Day celebration with a lame gift – especially if other siblings have really gone to town – is something no one wants to do, however old they are.

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