KHD Buzz – Amazon’s Next Acquisition Teased, Fakes in Online Retail, The Growing Packaging Problem and More

Alibaba Fight Fake Merchandisers, Amazon Do Not, According to Swatch CEO 

If your brand is considered upmarket then the fact that fake merchandise is out there aping it is almost inevitable. However, according to Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek preventing the placement of fake merchandise on their sites is something that Chinese retailer Alibaba does far better than its American counterpart Amazon. Read More.

Amazon Shopping TV? Company Eyes Shopping Network Acquisition

Playing ‘what will Amazon acquire next?’ is now a popular game on Wall Street and within the retail community at large. According to the latest rumors, one of the latest possibilities in their acquisition pipeline is the purchase of cable shopping network Evine Live. Read More

Report: US Online Retail Sales To Surpass $700 Billion By 2022

According to a new report recently released by Forrester Research the ever-growing online retail market in the US is now set to top $700 billion by 2022, and it won’t all be thanks to Amazon. Read More

Solving the Online Retail Packaging Problem 

The growth of online retail is great news for many, but one group that is particularly worried about its negative impact are environmentalists concerned about the increase in the amount of packaging materials ending up in trash cans..and landfills. This concern is leading a growing number of companies to begin looking for new ways to make recycled packaging more readily available. Read More


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