Sizzling Summer Digital Marketing Ideas for Retail Businesses

Sizzling Summer Digital Marketing Ideas for Retail Businesses

It’s almost here! Many parts of the country have already experienced their first few gorgeous sunny days and although it’s not the official beginning of summer, Memorial Day is just weeks away and for most of us that is the holiday that truly signals the return of the sunny season.

Seasonal marketing – and in this case, we are talking about summer marketing – gives any retail business the chance to shake things up a little in terms of their digital marketing content and use the good cheer and sunny optimism that Summer brings to better engage current customers and attract some new ones. We know that summer might not be big holiday shopping months, but in the online world, it still serves as a fantastic opportunity to spur interest and increase sales, especially from your social media followers.

Get Some Summer Store Style

Now’s the time to decorate ALL of your online ‘storefronts’. That means that your website homepage, your Facebook page Cover Photo, your Twitter Profile Cover and even your Instagram and Snap! avatars should be given a summer facelift. Your “storefront windows” are great places to showcase all your summer products and just add a sunny vibe in general, whether that involves some new seasonal product photography, summer-inspired clip art or just the odd beach ball or flamingo added to your usual logo.

Celebrate Lots of Summer Holidays and Happenings

The summer months are filled with great themed retail marketing opportunities. Summer is a time of school vacations, family vacations, cookouts, picnics, parties and bonfires and of course, plenty of trips to the beach.

But the summer months offer other amazing things that happen in the form of holidays. Some holidays are celebrated or honored for a day, week or even the entire month and knowing and sharing those holidays is a great way to increase engagement and remain on your followers’ minds.

Here are just a few summer holidays to get you thinking:

Months: National Camping Month (June), National Iced Tea Month (June), National Ice Cream Month (July), National Watermelon Month (July), Arrr-gust International Pirate Month (August)

Weeks: National Lemonade Days (June 3-11), Pet Appreciation Week (June 3-9), Everyone Deserves a Massage Week (July 15-21), National Elvis Week (Aug 11-18)

Days: Donut Day (6/1), Wonder Woman Day (6/3), Corn on the Cob Day (6/9), Superman Day (7/3), Chocolate Day (7/7), Pina Colada Day (7/10), Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night (8/8), S’mores Day (8/10)

Want to make the most of these holiday theme days online? Schedule content about them to your social media feeds at the beginning of each month using your favorite social media scheduling tool and then you can focus on other projects, like getting ready for big summer sales or maybe even taking a break yourself.

Summer Themed Content

The summer offers all kinds of options for creating engaging content for both your blog and your social media feeds that play on the summer season and engage people’s enthusiasm for it.

Need some ideas? You could share summer cocktail recipes, DIY summer projects, summer decorating ideas, vacation and travel tips, and more

You don’t have to create these things, you can curate some of them, by sharing/ retweeting other people’s summer posts or even by asking your followers to submit content because leveraging the power of customer content at any time of year is a great marketing tactic but as more people tend to take more pictures/do more ‘stuff’ in the summer then this is a great time let your customers give you a (free) marketing helping hand.

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