KHD Buzz – 1 Million US SMBs Are Selling on Amazon, AI and SEO, Spring Shopping Trends and More

Report: Over 1 Million SMBs Now Sell on Amazon 

According to the newly released Small Business Impact Report, compiled by the retail giant itself, more than one million small or medium sized businesses now maintain a sales platform within the Amazon sales interface. And that’s just in the US, as there are millions more located all over the world. But just who are these businesses and how much of the ‘Amazon Pie’ are they actually netting? Read More 

Instagram Adds In-App Product Payment

If your retail business has developed a good Instagram following the company is now allowing you to REALLY cash in on that fact, having added a ‘pay in-app’ feature that allows users to shop – and pay – for goods without ever having to leave the platform. Read More 

AI Comes to SEO

SEO is important to any business with an online presence, and, as anyone who has tried to make use of it to boost their retail business, it is an ever-changing ‘art’. The latest trend? Harnessing the power of AI. Read More 

 Infographic: Things Marketers Can Learn From Spring Shopping Behavior 

As the winter months wane and temperatures rise, shoppers start stocking up on spring essentials. But what can retailers learn from this behavior? This infographic breaks it down.

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