Wholesale Product Spotlight – Summer Hammocks Collection

Wholesale Product Spotlight – Summer Hammocks Collection

May 16, 2018 Off By Koehler Home Decor

A hammock is a summer staple that has graced backyards, campsites, and many more locations for decades, and yet its’ timeless appeal never fades. They are perfect for hanging in in your favorite shady spot to create a great summer nap nook, excellent for use on camping trips and, as an added bonus, the right hammocks can serve as great standalone outdoor decor as well.

KHD offers a number of hammock options, with something to suit almost every taste and outdoor decor scheme. The Fiesta Blue Stripe Hammock, the Bahama Red Stripe Hammock and the Blue Stripe Hammock Chair are all wonderful, bright and colorful examples of practical, comfortable hammocks for one while our Espresso Two-Person Hammock offers perfect relaxation and comfort for two.

Those looking to add a little extra subtle elegance to their outdoor decor scheme may prefer the understated charm of the Cape Cod Canvas Hammock and the Parachute Travel Camping Hammock is a vacation must. And these are just a handful of the great selection we have available this season!

All of our hammocks are crafted from the highest quality materials and are designed to provide a great place to snooze, hangout or simply kick back at the end of a busy day for years to come.

Shop the Hammock Collection wholesale at Koehler Home Decor.


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