KHD Buzz – Google Offers Keyword Tips to Retailers, Walmart Makes Another Big Buy, Making Sense of MI and More

Google Releases New ‘Shopping Keywords’ Report to Aid Marketers

Whether you run a paid search campaign, an organic one, or, as most do, a combination of both getting your keywords right is critical. A newly released Google report was designed to help you do just that, while also revealing some very interesting shopping search stats. Read More

Walmart Challenges Amazon’s Global Domination by Acquiring India’s Flipkart 

As much as pundits are asking ‘what will Amazon buy next?’ they are also asking ‘what will Walmart buy next to try and compete with Amazon online. Last week the answer was Indian online retail giant Flipkart, and according to some analysts, this may have been their best move in their ‘chess game’ with Amazon yet. Read More 

Is Instagram Selling the Real Future of Online Retail SMBs? 

More and more online retail SMBs are ramping down their SEO efforts on their standalone websites, moving away from Facebook and Twitter and concentrating their efforts and both marketing and selling goods via Instagram. But is ‘Insta’ really the selling platform of the future for SMB’s? One expert thinks it is. Read More

Infographic: Marketing Intelligence Data and Automation 

Market intelligence (MI) uncovers information you can use both to shape your marketing and product strategies and to rise above your competitors. But gathering – and using it – isn’t always easy. This infographic, however, offers some useful pointers:

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